Thursday, July 18, 2013

What to See and Do in NYC

New York City is best known as the city that never sleeps.  The city is home to many museums, galleries, and historical monuments that are perfect for photographic opportunities. Fashionistas can walk through Fifth Avenue, while art fans can see famous artwork at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The city also has something for outdoor lovers, because joggers and skaters can go through Central Park and see the animals at the zoo.  The most popular landmarks to visit in the Big Apple include Times Square and Rockefeller Center but if you would like to experience the city like a real New Yorker, then check out these three hotspots. 

Take a walk through Central Park. 
If you are looking for a place to spend the day in New York City, then visit Central Park.  Since this park is in the heart of the city and holds a zoo, restaurants, and acres of parkland, it is perfect for a picnic.  However, some first time visitors may not know about Shakespeare in the Park, which starts in May and ends in August. Tourists can see a free Shakespeare production at Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre.  

Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. 
While many visitors may already have seen the Lady Liberty, most tourists may forget about Ellis Island.  Visitors can take a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and then tour Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants from around the world were introduced to America. You can also get a first-hand experience of what many immigrants had to face before leaving the island.

Reserve your table for New York City’s Restaurant Week
Below the city’s skyline, there are famous chefs who are ready to unveil their newest dishes. The summer restaurant week is held each year from July through August.  More than 300 restaurants offer a fine-dining experience at a bargain to many tourists visiting the city. Make sure you book early because this is a very popular event among native New Yorkers as well as tourists.

Between shopping, eating, and drinking, there is so much to see and do in the Big Apple.  As a result, some tourists may forget their NYC souvenirs.  If you forget to snatch up a few souvenirs to remember your trip by, check out Fifth Avenue Manufacturers for all your NYC souvenir needs.